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Loretta Ford
I’ve done masterminds, that pale in comparison to the clarity from “Make Your Statement”!

Just got off a rapid fire brand clarity session with Rob and it’s amazing how quickly he gets to the essence of my business and gets me 100% clear about what it is I offer and how that makes my customer’s lives better.


I get to work with some pretty amazing people, …

Spent all of your $$$ on strategy, and have ZERO left to execute? Should I focus on marketing, branding or sales first?

Depending on where you are in your business, you may not need a fancy website, logo and brand style guide at this stage. Safe yourself the frustration and disappointment in trying to fix problems you don’t have, and answering all the wrong questions. For real!!!

“An unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone!”

“This amazing course is a serious shift in mindset. It’s that good!”

Fearless, and compassionate, Jaishree goes where many fear to go.”

The Gift of Inquiry

Questers venture into the unknown, confront difficulties and dangers, and return home with new understandings of themselves and of the world.

A pilgrimage, part trip and part ritual, is prescribed in all the religious traditions for those seeking healing and renewal. The impetus for the journey could be an urge to explore one’s spiritual roots, a desire for absolution, a wish to pay homage, or a question that needs answering.

To practice questing, you have to leave home, both literally and figuratively. Travel to a sacred place where something has happened before and see what happens to you now. Don’t stop, even if you stumble, until you have found a gift or an insight to bring back with you. If you can’t go far, make an inner journey. Ask questions. Look for replies in areas where you have never thought to go before.