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Authentic Brand Storytelling

During a 45-minute recorded Zoom session, I will guide you through the principles of my Brand Questing Framework™ to produce a crystal clear focus on your message and give you 3 tips you can immediately implement for instant results. This is golden!

Level up with
our Brand Questing framework™

We take our clients through a comprehensive process with tried-and-true steps to sell more offers and impact more lives!

01. Brand Clarity Audit

We begin all working relationships with a kick-off brand audit consultation. During a 90-minute call, we take a deep dive into your brand to establish what’s working, what isn’t, and where you want to go. Think of this stage as creating a road map for your brand, from fine-tuning your ideal audience to defining your key message.

02. Story Brand Magic

The StoryBrand framework will help your brand tell a clear and compelling story. We’ll help you apply StoryBrand to your website and marketing materials, so you can be confident that your messaging is working to ignite the growth of your business.

03. Brand Identity

Once the brand audit is done, we put pen to paper and create a brand identity. Our approach to branding is much more than a logo: You’ll receive a visual system for your brand that include a primary logo, complementary lockups, color scheme, typography hierarchy, typesetting examples, and your choice between a custom pattern or iconography set. When complete, you’ll have a beautiful board and packaged files for anyone to use in the future and stay on brand.

04. Brand Execution

Once you have a brand identity, we’re here to help you bring it to life. Whether you’d like social media templates, business cards, PowerPoint designs, or coded email signatures, we’ll make sure that every public instance of your brand is beautiful and up to date.

05. Custom Web Design

Put your new brand into action in an effective and well thought-out website design. We’ll start off with a kickoff call, oversee all copywriting, and see through the entire site from start to finish. If you’re planning on blogging or email marketing, we’ll also set up the infrastructure for freebies and content.

06. Content Strategy

Grow followers, book speaking gigs, appear in the press, or acquire customers—we’ve done it all. Whether you’d like one-on-one strategy sessions or want to join our group client accountability program, we’re here to help you bring your brand into the public and achieve your goals.


“It’s amazing how quickly Rob gets to the essence of my business and my offer and how that improves my customer’s lives.”

“Just got off a rapid fire brand clarity session with Rob and can recommend you do the same with full confidence. You won’t regret it! ☺️” — Jaishree


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